Mission Statement Ready4More


Ready4More is

  • A platform facilitating international Christian volunteer work
  • A resource site for practical mission work in the world
  • A meeting place for coordination of needs in the world with the talents and gifts of individuals in Sweden
  • An independent network for Swedish Christians


Ready4More is designed to

  • Present current needs, defined and described by Church Unions, local churches and organizations in different countries
  • Be a resource bank for the expertise and experience of individual persons
  • Bring together known needs with known resources, to make practical efforts possible for the Kingdom of God
  • Establish contacts for volunteer work of many different kinds
  • Present available contact trips for Swedish church groups to churches in other countries


Ready4More is aimed at

  • Seniors, who want to serve in mission in other countries for a shorter or longer period
  • Individuals with all kinds of expertise, who want to channel their professional skill into mission work


Ready4More is motivated by

  • The clear calling in God’s Word for the disciples of Jesus to go out into the world and actively meet the needs of people, practically, socially and spiritually
  • The vast, challenging and continually growing needs in the world
  • The fact that many people are longing to be able to serve with their gifts in the Kingdom of God
  • The need of God’s people in different countries to meet, share, learn from each other and serve together


Ready4More is cooperating with

  • Swedish Church Unions, local churches and mission organizations
  • Church Unions, local churches and mission organizations in different countries around the world


Approved 2017-02-04