About Ready4More

Ready4More offers possibilities for churches and organizations in different countries to receive help from senior members in Swedish churches, who are willing to serve with their practical talents and gifts in the kingdom of God.

Ready4More is a people oriented web platform, offering churches and organizations possibilities to receive practical help by skilled and experienced Christian volunteers, who have time and opportunity to travel to serve the Lord among His people.

The length of the stay will normally vary between one and four weeks, depending on needs, possibilities and circumstances.

The Swedish volunteers are responsible for all their own costs.

Ready4More has no monetary funds and does not provide financial support to the receiving organizations.

We only transmit volunteer applications from Swedish citizens.



  • Builds all cooperation, nationally and internationally, on the principle of mutual trust between equal partners in the Kingdom of God.
  • Agrees with the ideas and conclusions of The Lausanne Covenant and shares its description of global mission as a vision of the gospel for every person, and Kingdom impact in every sphere of society.
  • Establishes collaboration with international partners on specific criteria, congruent with defined purpose and principles for Ready4More, Criteria for collaboration.


Ready4More does:

  • Gather needs from partner churches/organizations in other countries.
  • Display needs on the web platform ready4more.se.
  • Receive applications from interested Swedish Senior volunteers.
  • Accept the Swedish volunteer applicant as a member of the organization Ready4More, prior to setting up the contact with the partner church/organization in the other country.
  • Connect the Swedish Senior volunteer with the international partner.


The Swedish Senior volunteer does:

  • Contact Ready4More to express interest in going.
  • Present a recommendation from Church/Christian organization.
  • Apply to become a member of the organization Ready4More.
  • Contact the international partner for direct communication after having been accepted as a volunteer and receiving needed contact information from Ready4More.
  • Arrange everything concerning the trip with full responsibility for insurance, all practical details and all costs.
  • Send a brief report to Ready4More after completing volunteer service.


The receiving international partner does:

  • Own the decision to accept and invite the volunteer.
  • Decide dates for the trip and describe the work to be done.
  • Respond to the contact made by the volunteer prior to the trip and establish a line of communication with him/her.
  • Arrange formal invitation of the volunteer in accordance with applicable existing national rules.
  • Give the volunteer information needed to make trip preparations and carry out the trip.
  • Meet the volunteer at the nearest airport upon arrival.
  • Arrange food and lodging for the duration of the stay.
  • Plan the work and supervise the volunteer during the stay.
  • Help the volunteer at the time of departure.
  • Send a brief report to Ready4More after completed volunteer service.


Read our policy document Mission Statement.

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Contact us via e-mail info@ready4more.se.